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Thuc Nhan Moi Training and Consulting Ltd (TNM) is managed by educational experts with a proven track record in designing and delivering soft skill training programs to organizations in Vietnam.

TNM offers a wide range of training solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations. TNM works with companies on a one-to-one basis to develop learning experiences tailored to the needs of each organization. The objective of every customized program is to create learning experience that has high impact, is actionable, and meets the unique needs of the client company.

TNM is the pioneer company to provide soft skill trainers and training programs to other Training companies within Vietnam. 


TNM soft skill training courses benefit from the practical experience of our expert trainers, many of whom are practicing management consultants and coaches working with companies and individual managers at all levels from across industries. This experience is key to ensuring that our trainers adapt their training and coaching style to meet the specific needs of our clients. (Pls refer to Trainers’ profiles for more details)










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